Host Teams

When you think of Host Team, what is your first thought? Ushers, greeters, maybe Information Table? While these are undeniably the most visible faces of Host Team, at Community Church, the Host Team is so much more. Below are some opportunities for Host Team, with a brief description of what ministry each one performs. Please check those areas of ministry that you feel best suits your gifts and talents.

Parking Lot Greeters: The folks in the parking lot are the first people you see when you enter the property. A warm wave or cheery hello can set the tone for the entire worship experience. A friendly face with an umbrella in the rain is a welcome sight for anyone trying to get into the building without being soaked to the skin. When the lot is full, someone to help you find a spot says, “we want you here and we’re glad you came.” First impressions are important.

Inside Greeters: From the front door to the sanctuary, greeters interact with those who have chosen to worship with us. This could be at the front door, passing out bulletins, mingling with people in the foyer or sanctuary, or saying “have a great week,” as people leave the building. We are here to make them feel welcome, glad they came, wanting to come back again.

Information Center: From escorting new people to the appropriate destination, to chatting with them when they bring their completed My Information Card, to answering questions about events or activities, the folks at the Information Center can put newcomers at ease and make them feel at home. We now have an iPad at the Information Center for quick access to upcoming calendar events, ongoing classes and groups.

Ushers: The role of ushers is not just to seat people, serve communion and pass the offering basket. While it is true that these activities occur, being an usher carries a spiritual responsibility as well. Helping people find a seat makes a statement that we are glad they are here. When communion is served, as believers, we are not just giving people a piece of cracker and a sip of grape juice. What we have in our hands represents the body and the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are offering the people a symbol of the suffering of Christ, and the covenant that the Father made with us, and it is a holy responsibility. When we pass the offering baskets, we are not just taking up a collection so the church can pay the bills. We are offering people the opportunity to give back to the Lord that which the scripture says is His – the tithe, and the offerings over and above, so they can claim the promises of God over their finances. It is a holy responsibility. There is great joy in knowing we are helping people to connect with the covenant of our great God.

Communion Preparation: Each week, either Saturday or Sunday, a team prepares the holy sacraments that we share on Sunday morning.

Hospitality: Hospitality may encompass a broad variety of ministry opportunities that are generally, non-recurring special events. This team primarily works behind the scenes to prepare for, and clean up after guest follow-up events. They may set up tables and chairs, cook, serve, clean up, make phone calls for a guest list, or entertain. A recurring ministry opportunity with the Hospital Team is Pre-service Refreshments. This team picks up the donuts at Missy’s on Sunday morning, serves them and keeps the coffee flowing. What could be more spiritual that coffee and donuts, right? Right. Because in the process of sitting down together over a cup of coffee, people begin to fellowship and connect with one another. Fellowship leads to connection, and connection leads to belonging, which leads to participation. It is the circle of ministry.

Worship Center Preparation: Each week prior to the Sunday morning worship service, a team checks all of the pew pockets and makes sure there all of the materials are in place.