Below is a list of current projects or envisioned projects.  Some are PLANNED and will happen once resources are available, while others are just being DREAMED ABOUT as we seek ways of reaching our community and advancing God's Kingdom. 

If you would like additional information, just CLICK on the title of one of the projects or contact our front office at jan@communitychurch or call Jan at (405) 282-1230.

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Planned Projects 

( Waiting On Help/Resources)    

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Replace Lava Rock with Grass

Steps To Tree House

Relocating Sound Booth

Privacy Fence Around AC Unit

Multi-Sport Outdoor Court

Stainless Tables for Com Center Kitchen

Replace Ice Maker

Outdoor Storage For Lawn Equipment

Pavilion Next To Playgrounds

Mesh Sun Shades Over Nursery Playground area

New SW Corner Check-in Area

Covered Entrance to Main Building

Upgrade Security Video Cameras

Dreaming About Projects 

*Indoor Gymnasium

*Education Building

*Senior Center

*Splash Pad

*New Worship Center

Two to Four Modular Classrooms

Covered Walkways Between Buildings

*Walking Trails

*Pecan Grove and Black Berry Patch

* Means Indicates A Dreaming Forward Project!