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Hello, Community Church Family and Friends.
This past year, we have seen the Lord begin to open multiple doors BEYOND OUR WALLS. We have been asking the Lord to guide our steps as we begin to reach out. We have a mission trip to Brazil scheduled in 2023, but as one of the Directional Leaders here at Community, I have the wonderful opportunity of traveling with a group that is in its 45th year of reaching the world as musical missionaries. I will be gone the entire month of July. The highlight of the trip will be two weeks in Poland, where there are two and a half million Ukrainian refugees. What an opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless with the light of Christ and the hope of the ages!  You can be a part of this trip by praying for the team. I will be playing keyboard and singing.  Our friend, Sherman Andrus will be joining us for the Poland segment of the tour. Go to www.celebrants.org for more information about the group and its rich history of ministry.
While we hope you won’t stop praying at the end of June, below is a prayer guide that will go before the team as we prepare for the spiritual battle that is ahead. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at Community and BEYOND OUR WALLS.           ~ Jan Cox

The summer mission trip for Jon Stemkoski and Celebrant Singers is July 2-26, 2022.   PRAYER IS THE FOUNDATION for all that God will do in the lives of the people to whom we will minister as well the transformation that will occur in the lives of those who participate in the mission in any way.  John Wesley said, “God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.”  He also said, “Prayer is where the action is.”  Your prayers are a critical part of this ministry.
Join us in praying each day in July 1st in anticipation of God’s amazing work and continue to pray throughout the tour.  The prayers below are a guideline for how to pray for us.  Thank you for being a part of Mission Outreach 2022.
DAY 1:
The Cry:  The cry of the lost to be heard.  Lord, You said in Your word that when Jesus came near the city and saw it, He wept.     Lord, we pray that You would bring us to tears. Do a work in our hearts so that when we think about, when we see, when we pray for those who are far from You, whether they’re right around us or far from us, whether they’re close to us or there’s great distance, not just geographically, but relationally between us, God, we pray for this kind of compassion that causes us to weep for their souls.  Cause our hearts to be tender and responsive, whether a part of the traveling team or a part of the at-home support team.  
DAY 2: 
The Commission:  Father, we have read in Your Word that we are to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We pray for those whom You have called to GO.  We thank You that there is no distance in prayer and we lift them up to You and ask You to assure them of Your calling, bless and sustain their efforts as they obey Your Word and heed Your call.  
DAY 3:
The Call:  For the people to hear and respond.   Lord, Your Word says that no man comes to the Father except by You.  We pray right now in the Name of Jesus, that name above every name, that You, Holy Spirit, would go ahead of the team and soften and prepare hearts, making them good soil to receive the message of salvation and healing with open their hearts.   We pray that you would clear their minds from preconceived ideas and old notions about religion that would hinder the revelation of relationship with the Savior and the one true God.
DAY 4:
The Convergance/Gathering:  Coming together for rehearsals to become a team with one united goal.  According to Your Word in Ephesians 4:16 which says “Under his control all the different parts of the body fit together, and the whole body is held together by every joint with which it is provided. So when each separate part works as it should, the whole body grows and builds itself up through love.”  Lord, just as the pieces of puzzle are poured out of the box onto the table, even now we pray that you begin to arrange the pieces so that we can identify the corners, the edges and the center parts.  Let the pieces begin to fit together one by one to form a perfect picture that reflects the image of Jesus.  
DAY 5:
The Preparation:  Rehearsals.   Father Your Word says that the wise man lays out plans and counts the cost before putting his hand to the construction of the building.  We ask that as each person rehearses his/her part, whether singing, playing an instrument, behind the camera, bringing the Word or any part of the program, it becomes a part of them, imprinted and bound in their minds and memories so that as ministry time comes, it flows out like a river, flooding the atmosphere with Your presence and anointing.
DAY 6:
The Preparation:  Planners & Schedulers, Transportation & Housing.  Lord, only You know intricate workings of the venues, locations, and transportation that You have chosen for ministry.  Your Word says that You know the end from the beginning and Your ways are higher than our ways. We humbly ask that you would anoint and guide every person who sets their hand to planning and scheduling this trip for the Celebrants.  If there is a plan in place that has been created out of convenience, we pray that You would reveal Your perfect plan and open doors that no man can open.  We pray that You would close the doors that might look good to our earthly minds, but You know not only how to protect us from danger, but lead us to the fruitful places of harvest and restoration.  We pray for favor with every vendor, every airport worker, every rental agency, every bus driver any and all decision makers, that You would cause their hearts to open to the Celebrants that they may experience divine generosity and favor and all who see will say, “Surely they walk in the presence and favor of the Lord.”
DAY 7:
The Preparation (Spiritual):  Hearts to be opened and prepared to receive.  Lord, we ask that the hearts of the people would be tender and receptive to Your Spirit.   We ask that You visit them in dreams and visions and draw them to Yourself.  
DAY 8:
The Preparation (Spiritual):  Preparing the hearts of the team members (healing, forgiveness, readiness for warfare) and instilling hunger for souls.  Father we just ask that each team member will come ready to be transformed by the mighty work of the Holy Spirit.  Gird each one with the full armor of God.  We pray that their hearts will cry out for the lost – that their vision will expand to see Your heart for the people.  We pray that if there is unforgiveness that is holding anyone back from enjoying Your fullest presence, that You will reveal and draw them to your heart, softening and molding and accomplishing Your plan in the life of each member of the team.   
DAY 9:
The Provision:  For Jon & Celebrant Staff (Stone Ministries) Lord we thank You that You are speaking to people who will respond by financially supporting the ministry of Celebrants (Stone Ministries).  May every need be supplied.  Bless them, Lord with provision that overflows.  We thank You that they have proven to be good stewards of your provision.   We ask You to bless them with financial resources above and beyond their basic needs, but supply them with Your blessing that makes rich and brings no sorrow.
DAY 10:
The Provision:  For the Team as a whole.  Lord we thank you for provision for the team as they travel.  May their accommodations, whether grand or meager, be the provision that they need to accomplish Your mission and plan.
DAY 11:
The Provision:  For individual team members.  Father, we lift up each member to you.  We so many times think of provision as financial, but many have health concerns or special physical needs.  We thank You that You supply ALL of our needs according to Your riches in glory which is in Christ Jesus.
DAY 12:
The Provision:  For host churches & host homes as they extend hospitality.  Father, we know that many of the host homes and churches are making a tremendous sacrifice to accommodate the team.  We pray that You will bless them richly and abundantly and pour out your provision 100-fold for them as they minister to those whom You have called.
DAY 13:
The Provision:  For the people where we minister to be able to attend.  Lord, we know that many who will be coming are in desperate need of a touch from You.   Many do not have the financial means or ways to attend without Your divine intervention.  We ask that You would open up ways for them to come and receive from You.
DAY 14:
The Journey:  Physical health and stamina.  We are thankful, Lord that Your word says that by Your stripes we were healed.  We pray that the blood of Jesus which was shed for our healing will be appropriated to those whom You have called to minister with Celebrants on this summer missions outreach.  We pray for divine energy for the team members that they will be sustained above and beyond their natural physical abilities, and they will say “Surely the Lord has done this.”  
DAY 15:
The Journey:  Divine protection and safety. Your Word says You will not suffer our foot to stumble, and that You give angels charge over us.  Lord, like a mighty unseen army, we pray that Your angels surround the team.  Cause the eyes of evil doers to be blinded by the light of Your presence to protect the team in dangerous places, and grant favor and safety to the people whom You have called.
DAY 16:
The Journey:  Divine revelation and direction.  Lord, we thank You that Your Word says that the steps of the righteous are ordered by You.  We know that Your plan has already been set and we ask that You reveal your divine plan and direction to Jon as he leads the team.  
DAY 17:
The Journey:  The battle is the Lord’s.  Father we remember Your Word that reminds us that the battle is not ours, but Yours.  Help the team to lean on You and remember that they cannot affect the results, only be obedient to Your word and direction and You are responsible for the outcome.  Let them rest in Your Word and have supernatural confidence in You.
DAY 18:
The Journey:  Spiritual Warfare.  Thank you, Lord that we know that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.  We plead the blood of Jesus over each team member as they boldly proclaim the Word of God and speak the Name of Jesus, above which there is no other name.
DAY 19:
The Journey:  Divine Appointments.  Lord we ask as the team travels, stays in homes, is hosted by churches or local ministries, You will open their eyes to opportunities to share Your love, grace and compassion and be a reflection of You to everyone with whom they come in contact.
DAY 20:
The Journey:  Opportunities for Grace.  Lord, we know that the reality is that togetherness if wonderful, but also gives opportunity for challenges.  May your grace cover each other’s transgressions and give opportunity to grow in love for You and one another.
DAY 21:
The Journey:  Unexpected challenges and blessings.  Oh Lord, you are so full of surprises.  We know that along the way, they will face unforeseen opposition.   Lord, reveal yourself in the midst of everything and transform trials into blessings that cause the team to go higher into Your presence and deeper into Your Word.
DAY 22:
The Journey:  Supernatural strength & rest.  Lord Your Word says we can run and not be weary – that we can walk and not faint.  We just pray that the team will be learn to rest in Your strength and not their own.  May they put their trust in You.  You said that You keep the night watch and give Your beloved sleep.  Father, we ask that as the team sleeps in unfamiliar surroundings, that You would grant them supernatural rest and peace.
DAY 23:
The Journey:  Preparing the Soil.   Lord Your word says to break up the fallow ground.  We know that we are not capable of doing that on our own.  We ask you to go ahead of us.  Prepare the hearts of the people to receive You as Savior and Your Word as Truth.
DAY 24:
The Journey:  Planting the Seeds of the Word.  Lord, we ask for Your divine anointing to flow through those who share Your Word.  May the words come out of their mouths be those that You have chosen.   Let them be channels for the Holy Spirit to speak to the people.
DAY 25:
The Harvest:  Casting the Net.  Jesus, in Your Mighty Name we pray that You would reveal the side of the boat on which to cast the net.  Show your leaders Your way and Your words.  Holy Spirit, flow through the team.  We ask that you would allow each individual team member to experience the joy of leading someone to You.
DAY 26: 
The Harvest:  Surrender of Souls to Christ.   Holy Spirit, we ask you to even now begin to speak and woo those who will be receptive to the Gospel.  We pray that the scales would fall from their eyes and they would receive Jesus as their Lord.  
DAY 27:
The Harvest:  Signs & Wonders.   Lord you said in Your word that signs and wonders would follow those who speak in Your Name.  We call them forth in the mighty name of Jesus.  Give wisdom and discernment to Your servants as they walk among Your people.  Your word says that signs and wonders are a sign to the unbeliever.  We ask that as unbelievers observe Your mighty works, they would turn to the One True God, repent and call on the name of the Lord.
DAY 28:
The Harvest:  New Laborers for the Harvest – those receiving a new calling.  Lord, you said that the harvest is great, but the laborers are few and told us to pray for laborers.  We are asking that those who come and hear the gospel and receive it will further hear Your call to a deeper walk and surrender to Your will for them.
DAY 29:
The Afterglow: Testimonies & fresh fire for the local churches & ministries. Lord, may those who have partnered with the Celebrants receive fresh fire and anointing as they take up the mantle of their local calling.  Give them refreshing and renewal as they share testimonies of what they saw and heard.  Increase their influence and outreach as they recommit to your work.
DAY 30:
The Afterglow:  Taking the ministry back home to share, encourage & challenge.  Lord, may you so transform each member of the team that they overflow to those in their circle at home.  Let Your presence so invade them, that the change will be noticeable and their lives never the same as they share their experiences.  Cause them to be a sharp instrument and let Your Words be in their mouths as they encourage and challenge the people on their return.