Serve in Worship Arts + Audio-Visual

Sunday Services

In-Person + Online: 9:00am | 10:45am


God created us with a capacity to know, love, and worship Him. Worship has always been a matter of the heart. While it’s expressed through music, music should never be the focus. The “Art” in “Worship Arts” can so easily take a front seat with production at the wheel and vulnerability forgotten in the backseat. We believe the honest response of the heart to God is the truest form of worship. This principle has always been and will always be a cornerstone for our church and acts as a means to take us deeper into relationship with God. 

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AV team is a position of service and technology.  It is a fun way to bless others by learning and using a skill that serves to enhance worship for all involved.  We serve on a rotating basis and cross-train for times when someone is absent at their normal time to serve.  Each position is taught by first shadowing and watching and then training with someone already skilled in the position.  There is always someone close by to help when you are new and learning.  We have a good time! 

MAIN SOUND BOARD: This position is the sound engineer for Sunday services.  It requires a good ear for music and knowledge of the equipment.  Once our booth is expanded there will be room for someone training to sit next to the sound engineer to gain skill and knowledge of the board.  This would require several weeks of training and would probably go from trainee to apprentice before handling alone.  This position requires a 7:30 a.m.arrival to be part of practice and serving both services the Sundays scheduled. 

PRO-PRESENTER: This position runs the slides and lights.  You will learn the program Pro-Presenter.  This position requires probably the most focus and concentration.  It is a critical component to worship both in house and online.  Worship flow is enhanced by having the lyrics available at the right time.  This position also serves the worship team as the lyrics are also on the back screen and is their prompts for lyrics.  Lighting changes several times during each service.  This position can be one service only.  Several weeks of training are provided before you are on your own and the service supervisor is also there to troubleshoot any issues. 

LIGHTING: This position runs the light board.  Lighting changes several times during each service.  A knowledge of the lighting board system will be taught.  It can be one service only.  Currently we are looking for someone to dive in and learn the board and train others.

CAMERA/TRACKING: This position runs the tracking camera.  You will train to follow the worship team, speakers, and pastor.  It requires concentration and knowledge of the camera.  You will shadow a camera person and then have at least one service with that person watching and coaching you.  The video mix position will call out any changes they need from you for the online streaming.  With the new sound booth, you will either be next to the video mix engineer, or you will have coms to hear their direction.  This position can be one service only. 

VIDEO MIX COMPUTER: This position runs the computer which determines what content is live streaming and archived for later viewing.  You will shadow at least one service and then train 1-2 services with a skilled trainer.  This position can be one service only 

AUDIO MIX BOARD FOR ONLINE STREAMING: This position runs the sound board for online streaming.  It is currently located in another room, but should be with the AV team in the new AV booth.  Sound engineer training required.  You would have multiple service training by shadowing as well as moving into the position with a trainer watching.  This position can be one service only. 


INSTRUMENTALIST: This person is confident in their instrument (any and all instruments welcome) and is expected to practice with provided resources prior to their scheduled service.

VOCALIST: This person is confident in their ability to sing melodies and harmonies and would be expected to rehearse with provided resources prior to their scheduled service.

Our Heart + What to Expect


Depending on the position, you may need to be at 7:30 am Sunday practice.  You may be scheduled for one or both Sunday services – again, depending on the position.  Some positions rotate each service.  This also depends on your availability and willingness. 

Excellence in each AV position is important because the technology enhances worship for people in the service and those watching online.  We can either make it easier or harder for people to worship.  Sound, lighting, having the lyrics visible on time – are all ways to serve others.  It is a gift of our skills we offer to make an atmosphere to enjoy worshipping our Lord.  What a privilege! 

Being part of the AV team includes experiencing occasional issues with technology.  This can be stressful, but we work as a team to overcome these challenges.  We “stay calm and carry on” in those times.  Then we laugh about it later.  The AV team is that – a team and a family.  We work together to help each other and we encourage and build one another up.  We are also part of the bigger worship team, which includes our worship leaders, singers, and band.  This team has a devotion time together each Sunday at 7:30 am.  This is a special time, usually led by Landon, that makes us more of a family.  You would be welcome to this special time any Sunday. 



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