Forward With God

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Forward with God

On June 30, 2019, we celebrated paying off our church mortgage. For years, our congregation faithfully supported the ministries of Community through the FIRST offering and then gave a SECOND offering that accelerated this payoff. Becoming debt-free was a milestone of faith that positioned us to Move With God toward expanding His ministry in the region.

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, we believe we have insight into what our next efforts should be. The start of our initial direction is listed below. This list will be updated regularly and reflects both our clearest insights and those still being clarified. The Elders and Directional Leaders will continue to pray and follow God with every step, making course corrections and aligning priorities as needed.

We will be reinstating the "FORWARD WITH GOD" OFFERING to fund this expansion of ministry. This offering is over and above the "First Fruits" that support all the existing ministries at Community Church.

Please join us by:

  • Praying with us as we seek all that God desires for this region!
  • Giving Time as we labor to open our property for outreach!
  • Giving Financially above your "First Fruits" (first offering)!

If you have any questions or want to become involved, contact Pastor Bill or one of the elders.

1. Blessing Others



  • Food Ministries
  • Shelters
  • Clinics



e. CARE PORTAL (Helping Foster Families)

2. Safety

A. SECURITY: Improving Building Security & Surveillance

Phase One:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cameras (est.$4,000).
  • Mag Lock-On Nursery Playground Door (est.$1,000).

Phase Two:

  • Modify Entrance, Exit, and Check IN/OUT in the Nursery area.
  • Modify Entrance, Exit, and Check IN/OUT in the Elementary area.


3. Property

A. Open Property for Greater Community Access & Events

Phase One:

  • Add Picnic Tables & Benches To Property.
  • Clear & Develop Multiple Trails & Pathways.
  • Incorporate Expanded Cross Country Course (Work With High School).
  • Clear & Develop Additional Activity/Event Areas.
  • Add Outdoor Horse Shoes, Corn Hole, Etc.

Phase Two: (Plan In Light Of Phase Three)

  • Add One or More Pavilions With Water and Electricity (Additional Group Meeting Spaces).
  • Add Outdoor Volleyball, Basketball, and Multi-Sport Courts, etc.
  • Add Additional Overflow Parking.

Phase Three:

  • Second Entrance off Seward
  • Secure Shower & Laundry Facilities (Event and Disaster Readiness).
  • Secure Equipment Barn/Yard.
  • Add Maintenance Equipment: (i.e. Tractor with Brush hog, Mowers, etc.)

B. IMPROVE/MAINTENANCE: Drives and Parking

Phase One:

  • Supplement Current Gravel Area.
  • Extend Gravel Drive Past Sound End Of Community Center.
  • Seal, Top Coat, and Re-stripe (Estimate $18,500).

Phase Two:

  • Pave Additional Parking.
  • Replace OG&E Lighting/Add Lights.
  • Second Entrance for Seward.


  • Replace Carpeting in Worship Center, Nursery, Community Center, etc.
  • Replace Worship Center conventional lighting with lower maintenance LED Lighting.
  • Improve Venue conventional lighting.
  • Remodel Lobby Restrooms.

4. Beyond

A. NEW CONSTRUCTION (Current Concepts):

Phase One:

  • Extending Main Building Roofline forming a south main Lobby/Hallway.
  • Extend roofline to provide passenger-side covered drop-off.
  • Relocate South HVAC Units
  • Relocate Handicap parking along the south side of the main building.

Phase Two:

  • Build Connecting Hallway to Community Center.

Possible Future:

  • Build multi-purpose building in place of the main playground which would connect current buildings.
  • Possible Configuration Might Include Adult, Nursery, and Children classrooms, convertible worship/recreational space, etc.